Heroplants – Indoor Plants Community

Community based project focused on indoor plants to improve people well-being.

Starting from the functional repositioning of some indoor plants, I created a community of plantlovers (FB, IG and Pinterest) to understand their interests, reactions and propensity to buy online. I selected a range of indoor plants designed by NASA, highlighting in the content strategy benefits and advices on cultivation.

Through A/B testing and data analysis I created an editorial plan, optimizing themes and content production. I also created a blog that, on the one hand acts in building brand reputation and on the other, thanks to affiliate links, allows me to evaluate the interest of the community in specific products. Based on these results and through community management operations aimed at co-creation, two product test lines in different stores will come to life:

  1. Online sale of packages of functional plants and accessories for cultivation or placement in the home
  2. Sale of print on demand furniture and clothing products