Agriculture ecosystem project based on aquaponics community supply chain, aims to transform the food production and distribution sector by turning on virtuous cycles with high ecological and social value. Private spaces, condominiums or public areas (schools, hospitals, hospices), can be converted for the production of organic foods using aquaponic technology (technique used by FAO in developing countries to grow edible vegetables and fish), drastically reducing the use of resources, optimizing procurement costs for the structures, obtaining educational and therapeutic results but above all they generate income from unproductive areas. The project is based on an e-commerce platform, a meeting point between food supply and demand. Thanks to the agricultural technique and the ability to trace the entire supply chain, the end consumer is guaranteed a high-quality zero-meter products, respectful of the environment with a high social value. The project was divided into several steps.

  1. Creation of a greenhouse restaurant in the city, as a focal point for cultural and promotional project diffusion.
  2. Open the e-commerce platform and design an apartment foods production kit.
  3. Building and diffusion of large foods production structure and sell foods products in large-scale distribution.